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Dead Rabbit NYC

Bringing the Irish pub into the 21st century. Best Bar in the World 2016. Our ground-floor Taproom offers an informal setting for the enjoyment of craft beer, bottled punch, and whiskeys of the world, with lunch served daily. Upstairs, our sumptuous Parlor focuses on small plates, communal punch, and 72 historically-accurate cocktails dreamed up by the nineteenth century’s most celebrated bartenders. And the third-floor Occasional Room can host your own private events. Please contact for more information.
Dead Rabbit NYC
Dead Rabbit NYC24 hours ago
We’re excited. The trials of the new glass-washing system we installed to serve the best possible pint of Guinness in the Taproom are going very well – even better than we expected. You may remember that the system involves a very precise sequence of washing the glasses with and without detergent, in and out of hot and cold water and then air-drying and rotating them.

But there’s something else we haven’t told you about: Riena, our secret weapon. Every day she washes each of our 20oz tulip glasses – twice – and inspects every single one before she’ll let it go out to the bar.

Now, we’ve been very open about the details of system, so you’re welcome to install it yourself and see if you get the same results.

But without Riena we doubt it. And she’s staying here.
Dead Rabbit NYC
Dead Rabbit NYC4 days ago
“I see no reason for not playing Belfast. Kids still live here.”

And that, in a nutshell, was why we loved Rory Gallagher – who died on this date in 1995. Sure, we raved about his music and worshipped his amazing virtuosity. Many of us still do. (Jimi Hendrix was famously asked what it was like to be the best guitar player in the world. “I don’t know,” he replied. “Why don’t you ask Rory Gallagher?”) But there was more to it.

In the darkest days of the Troubles nobody would play Belfast. And to be honest, we couldn’t blame them. It was dangerous and it was grim. But Rory always did. He made a point of it. Year after year after year in the Ulster Hall. Because at heart he was one of us. He loved our sad, mad broken city. And Belfast loved him back.

Give him a listen today.
Dead Rabbit NYC
Dead Rabbit NYC5 days ago
Meet the crew: Juan.

Believe it or not, sometimes a guest just doesn’t know what they want. They look at the menu and think, ‘Ooh – that looks nice. So does that… and that...’

Not a problem. Because even if you don’t know what you’d like, Juan does. And in fact, the less decisive you are, the happier he is. “I really enjoy the challenge of finding the right drink for a guest, seeing them try something they hadn’t thought of and just loving it.”

And what if they don’t like it? “Then I’ll find you something else, of course. Because my job is to make you feel welcome and at home.”

Finding you the perfect drink isn’t Juan’s only impressive skill – as you’d agree, seeing him nimbly navigate a jam-packed Taproom with a full tray of cocktails while talking and laughing at the same. It’s quite a sight.

Which brings us to one last question. And what’s his own favourite? Does he hesitate? Is he lost for words? Of course not. “Humble Pie, all day long!”

And with that, he was away, full tray in hand – talking and laughing.
Dead Rabbit NYC
Dead Rabbit NYC6 days ago
Yesterday and today top bartenders, hospitality professionals and spirit brands from all over the world have been in New York for Bar Convent Brooklyn – the industry’s annual trade event and get-together.

The Dead Rabbit is taking part too. We’ve reproduced our Taproom Irish Coffee Station in a 10 x 10 feet space at the Bushmills booth. We thought we’d stocked it pretty well, but those Irish Coffees are going fast. (This is a thirsty – not to mention discerning – crowd.)

Over the two days we have six Dead Rabbit crack bartenders and servers working flat-out at the Bushmills booth, serving just the one drink.

But oh, what a drink.
Dead Rabbit NYC
Dead Rabbit NYC7 days ago
As a boxer, Flashbang Doyle was hopeless. He had no jab, no hook, a feeble cross and a glass jaw. But what he did have was attitude – tons of it. Actually that’s not all. He did have a half-decent uppercut. His approach was to dazzle his opponent until he got a chance, and occasionally he’d slip in a shot. But he never won. Still, the losses didn’t put him off. He kept going, kept believing his strategy would one day deliver a knockout.

And in a way, it did. Flashbang’s story inspired this. We call it Stun Grenade. It’s got Irish whiskey, our Cuban rum blend, sweet vermouth, pale cream sherry and notes of carrot, pineapple, sumac and tarragon.

It’s a dazzling summer manhattan with tropical, tangy and herbaceous qualities. And it packs a punch.

But, hey, you can take it.
Dead Rabbit NYC
Dead Rabbit NYC1 week ago
Over the years, bars across the world have hosted Dead Rabbit pop-ups. Now we’re finally able to return the favour.

This Wednesday evening, our new Parlor extension will be turned into a classic English gentleman’s club as we host the very stylish Scarfes Bar from London.

Head Bartender Yann Bouvignie and Director of Bars Martin Sisko – who are also in NYC for this year’s Bar Convent Brooklyn – will be here serving a number of their spectacular signature cocktails.

There’s no cover charge, no tickets, no reservations. But – yes, there’s a but – we only have seats for 25 guests.

So if you wanna get in, get here early.

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